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Travel Tips for Independent Living Seniors: Exploring Seminole and Beyond

senior friends talking on the beach

One of the greatest things about choosing to live at an independent living community is the ability to lead a lock-and-leave lifestyle. Want to do a little solo traveling or maybe take a senior tour? No problem. Is adventure travel more your speed? Have at it! Everything will be just as you left it when you return, ready to share your photos and videos with friends and neighbors.

So, it should come as no surprise that we field a lot of questions surrounding independent living travel, specifically asking for senior travel tips. We thought it’d be helpful to put together some of our favorite retirement travel tips. We hope they help!

Senior Travel Tips Part One: Preparing for Your Trip

Before you hit the road, it’s always a good idea to make a plan. Sure, you can be spontaneous, but it’s best to have some basics covered. Like:

  • Talk to a travel agent or do your own research to find senior discounts.
  • Look into travel insurance in case your plans change (either by you or Mother Nature).
  • Research unique travel options like cultural experiences, senior-friendly destinations and other adventures.
  • Go to the doctor before you leave to ensure you’re fit to travel.
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of your medications.
  • Map out where medical facilities are around your destination.
  • Plan for your wheelchair, service animal or other extra travel assistance.

Senior Travel Tips Part Two: Packing

Be prepared and make sure you include everything you’ll need for your trip:

  • Spring for a roller bag to make handling your suitcase less of a struggle.
  • If you’re leaving the country, make sure you have your passport.
  • For extra peace of mind, make a copy of your travel documents and send them to a trusted friend or relative.
  • Pack your essentials in your carry-on bag so they’re available during your flight or easily accessible in your car.
  • Include a first aid kit with basic supplies as well as your medications.
  • Bring spare glasses and other essentials, just in case.

Senior Travel Tips Part Three: Staying Safe Away from Home

From medical needs to theft, be ready to keep yourself safe during your travels. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Bring more water than you’ll think you need, especially if you’re visiting a foreign country.
  • Ease in and out of vacation by giving yourself a day to recover from jet lag or long hours on the road.
  • Keep your itinerary flexible and don’t schedule yourself 24/7.
  • Avoid traveling around at night, particularly if you’re in an unfamiliar location.
  • Never wear expensive jewelry.
  • Put your wallet in your front pocket or wear your purse across your body.
  • When in a foreign country, always know how to contact your embassy.

Senior Travel Tips Part Four: Enjoying Seminole, FL

Whether you live here or are just visiting, take advantage of all the nature and outdoor activities in Seminole, FL:

  • Rent a boat or kayak (or launch your own) and enjoy beautiful Lake Seminole.
  • Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the paved trails of Lake Seminole Park.
  • Bike along the 45-mile-long Pinellas Trail.
  • Enjoy some amazing bird watching in Boca Ciega Millennium Park, a stop on the Great Florida Birding Trail.
  • Have an oceanside adventure on the beaches of St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen. Put it on thick and reapply often.

We hope this list of senior travel tips gives you some good ideas about what to plan for and what to pack on your next adventure. It’s not meant to be exhaustive, so add to it and personalize it for your unique needs. And let us know if we’re missing something crucial. We’ll add it to the list.

Live Someplace You Never Want to Leave

While traveling is fun, it’s also great when you find a place to call home that you never want to leave. We think Lake Seminole Square retirement community in Seminole, FL, is one of those places. Our community offers carefree lakefront living at its best with a wide variety of beautifully appointed residential options, a wealth of exceptional services and amenities and a full calendar of fun, engaging activities — all just minutes from St. Petersburg, FL, and the beach. If you live nearby, or if you’d like to take a trip to our neck of the woods, get in touch. We’d love to show you around. Until then, we wish you safe travels!