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How Seniors Can Stay Active in Retirement

Two senior women jogging together outdoors

Retirement is a time in your life where you have lots of new free time to enjoy. It can be tough or even overwhelming to figure out a new routine that keeps you engaged and active day-to-day. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over ways active seniors can live fulfilling lives that keep them busy and will bring them joy as they live out their golden years. 

Find a New Community to Live In

Finding a community full of active seniors like yourself will help you stay active. Choosing to live in a retirement community instantly inserts you into a living situation where you are surrounded by peers, many of whom may have similar interests as you. 

A resort-style independent senior living community like Lake Seminole Square offers a variety of amenities and services designed for new retirees looking for active senior living. 

Exercise Physically and Mentally 

Staying physically and mentally active during retirement will not only keep you busy, but will bring a number of health benefits. 

Create a fitness routine that includes exercises that cater to your health goals and needs. Some examples of exercises and their benefits include:

  • Walking – improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and promotes bone strength.
  • Yoga/Pilates – both can  improve balance, reduce stress and alleviate aches and pains.
  • Swimming – offers a low-impact exercise for joints and can improve cardiovascular health and tone muscle.

Working out your brain is another way to keep active. Puzzles, crosswords and other games are good ways to challenge yourself and stay mentally sharp. 

Lake Seminole Square is an active senior living community home to a state-of-the-art fitness center, walking trails and game rooms to keep our residents physically and mentally fit. 

Volunteer or Get Involved in Charity Work

Choosing to volunteer your time not only keeps you active, but you’ll also find that helping others is extremely rewarding. 

Consider volunteering at a local food pantry or soup kitchen. You get to provide food to those in need, while socializing with others. 

Getting out and joining a neighborhood or wildlife-area cleanup crew will help others in your community enjoy the outdoors more, help protect wildlife and give you an excuse to go outside for a walk. 

Lake Seminole Square helps its residents who are looking to give back by organizing energizing volunteer opportunities. 

Learn a New Hobby or Skill

Learning a new skill or hobby is not only a fun way to stay active in your retirement, it’s also beneficial for your cognitive health. Recent research found that developing new skills and continuing to learn activates neuron receptors that improve brain function. Here are a few examples of classes you can take to  engage your brain:

  • Computer skills
  • Art/photography
  • Learning to play a musical instrument
  • Woodworking

Lake Seminole Square offers our residents numerous ways to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Whether you’re looking to create a work of art in the arts and crafts studio or play a song on one of our pianos, we provide the resources and space to chase a new passion. 

Adopt or Foster a Pet

Adopting or fostering a pet has a number of benefits for active seniors, and gives an animal in need a new lease on life. 

Adopting a pet is an added responsibility that gives you a routine that fills your day.  If you choose to adopt a dog, it will keep you more physically active. Between regular walks and playtime sessions, you’ll find yourself trying to keep up with your furry friend. 

Best of all, pets are always there for you to offer companionship and  emotional support. Some studies have found that pets increase serotonin levels in their owners, which can strengthen feelings of happiness and well-being. We love pets at Lake Seminole Square, and have a variety of pet-friendly floor plans to choose from. 

Active Retirement Life at Lake Seminole Square 

If you’re looking to lead an active retirement, Lake Seminole Square is the senior living community for you. We make it easy to stay engaged and active with our array of amenities and services, all conveniently available on our resort-style campus. 

To learn more about joining a community full of active seniors, reach out to us, or schedule a tour.